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All Choked Up Over Parking in Old Town, Portland, Oregon

The notion of taking the internal combustion car into city centres, prioritising cars over people, and polluting the air — we will look back and think, “How was this possible?” –Hendrik Jan Laseur, Founder, Lead the Change. Time Travel The above quote is from the latest publication of Sustainability, a global consulting firm, entitled, Business Impacts Insight,: Sustainability Trends for 2018. Let's take a close look at this notion now. Maybe then 'looking back' by future citizens of Old Town Chinatown will be one that recognizes the forward thinking of the leaders we have in place in our neighborhood in 2018. What's In Writing The Attachment to my 2015 Position Paper on Surface Parking Lots

The Opioid Epidemic

Video: Recovery Cafe, by Paul Steinbroner Every two years the City conducts a Point-in -Time Count which is a snapshot of homelessness in Multnomah County, Oregon. In the 2017 count it is noted early on that "Our community is struggling with a crisis in access to mental health services and an opioid epidemic that afflicts a growing number of our most vulnerable neighbors. See chart below showing the high percentage of disabilities, including mental illness and drug addiction among the homeless here in Portland. "The torrent of people who have died in the opioid crisis has transfixed and horrified the nation, with overdose now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50." (Article, New

Gentrification in Old Town Chinatown

Portland Mayoral Candidate Ted Wheeler on Gentrification: "Wheeler said the development practices of the Portland Development Commission have furthered gentrification." Interview here. (March 3, 2016) Yet the PDC, now Portland Prosper, with the local community association and the Portland Business Alliance, promote strategies and objectives that advance gentrification. This is not the usual tactic to displace renters presently living in affordable housing units (estimated at less than 800), but an "income balance" strategy to build market rate apartments for the white folks with more money, a block to anymore of "them" a.k.a. low income folks from moving in. One can only imagine how "income


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