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It's a Renters' Crisis.

I was surprised at the lack of demographics available on renters in Portland. It may be that I didn't know where to look or was asking the wrong people. Meanwhile, the other half of the equation, housing units, was also reported as missing. Recently, the Oregonian wrote an editorial on the total lack of information on housing: "We know we don't have enough housing, but we also don't know exactly how much we have." And they thought a proposed database of buildings -an inventory - is a good idea. Me too. One I might add made better if we understand it is to be integrated with census data and other demographic-based databases so we know where the units and people are by neighborhood. The O

One Hundred and One Dogs

This is the latest photograph, Steve and Bella, Chinatown Last summer I started photographing One Hundred and One Dogs and their a caregivers with two objectives: alter the negative image decision-makers in this City have of the folks who live here in Old Town Chinatown by photographing them with their dogs and begin the process of there being a dog ballpark here in our neighborhood sometime before 2020. In this the Year of the Dog and being that most of the dogs I am photographing live in Chinatown, it seems like the timing is right and the need, obvious. Think of it as a community center with a place for dogs to play. Visit to see the other 58 dogs and the folks who call Ch


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