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​​​​​​​Subsidies of the Affluent

​​​​ Mortgage Interest Deductions “This country does have a national housing policy,” said Kate Hartley, director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development. “And that is that we provide our greatest subsidies to relatively affluent, housed people.” Homeowners get the mortgage interest deduction, which has cost the federal government more than these programs for the poor combined (see table above). Other tax changes mean that fewer homeowners will now claim the mortgage deduction, and its benefits will be even more heavily concentrated among the rich.* "Lower-income renters are far likelier than homeowners or higher-income renters to pay very high shares of thei

Carrots and Old Town Chinatown

The are at least 3,000 residents and over 6,000 employees in this neighborhood. Some of the employees work for the City and have influence, but employees are not included in the membership of the neighborhood association as they are downtown. Businesses owners here also have influence and pretty much run our neighborhood association. Residents may join, but can easily be outvoted in any kind of "priority setting" activity. So, there is the rest of us. This post is about the lack of neighborhood serving businesses, including food, in Old Town Chinatown for the rest of us - the 9,000+folks here don’t have a place to buy a fresh carrot. I addressed this state of affairs in 2014 and called the


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