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frequently asked questions

What is the overarching goal of FrontDoorPDX?

Empower renters to bring the buyer-seller system for rentals

into balance, level the playing field, and

shine a light through ratings.

Why affordable housing?

Our own experience as a renter and that of our friends is the difficulty we encountered finding affordable housing units then finding out about them from the perspective of the renters.


The existing site,, covers market-rate properties and can be linked to If that proves unworkable then expanding to include market-rate properties is possible in the second stage of development. Mayor Wheeler talks of a rental registry (a.k.a. rental inventory) sometime in June which we may also draw upon for our review and rating platform. 


And the greatest demand is for affordable housing. In the U.S. the total number of units renting for less than $800 has declined by over 260,000 from 2005 to 2015 at a time when the overall rental stock increased by 6.7M units. As recently reported, one in three Oregon families struggle to afford safe and stable housing. 

What services are to be offered? 

  • Membership in a Rental Community

  • Moderated reviews per community guidelines

  • Scoring and rating of rental properties by renters

  • I&R, an Information and Referral service, provided by moderators to renters for increasing usefulness of community services such as legal and resident services programs

  • Property Pages (listings)

  • Links to to streamline the application process 

What are the revenue sources for the platform?

  • Sponsorships (site/program/friends)

  • Source for property listings (pages/database) for all affordable housing properties, public and private, to include inclusionary housing. 

  • Advertising of affordable local, neighborhood products and services of value to renters. 

  • Membership Fee and Profile (communications/alerts)

How might I help with this project and learn more about it?

Call Ruth Ann Barrett at (971) 319-2691‬. There is a more detailed project proposal to include (1) project at-a-glance, (2) revenue resources, (3) timing, (4) team requirements, and (5) trends.  

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