June 2, 2021, Latest weekly COVID-19 Numbers report for the zip code 97209 which includes Old Town and the Pearl District.

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Old Town Community Association, 2021 Redevelopment Strategy (draft)

OHA Alcohol Study (Interim), ECONorthWest

Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Standards, Guidelines Review, Empowerment and Assessment Team (GREAT), 2005, Hybrid Referenced

League of Women Voters, Portland's Neighborhood Associations, October 2005

Old Town Jobs (low paying), Limited affordable housing, AMI increases.

Oregon Satewide Shelter Study, August, 2019

Parking Infrastructure and the Environment, Access, Fall 2011.

Cultural Heritage Tourism, Partners for Livable Communities, 2014  (Related to development Block 24)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) undated

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Improving the Entertainment Area of Old Town Chinatown, Office of Neighborhood Involvement, 9/2013 

Responsible Hospitality Institute