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One Hundred and One Dogs

This is the latest photograph, Steve and Bella, Chinatown

Steve and Bella

Last summer I started photographing One Hundred and One Dogs and their a caregivers with two objectives:

  • alter the negative image decision-makers in this City have of the folks who live here in Old Town Chinatown by photographing them with their dogs and

  • begin the process of there being a dog ballpark here in our neighborhood sometime before 2020.

In this the Year of the Dog and being that most of the dogs I am photographing live in Chinatown, it seems like the timing is right and the need, obvious. Think of it as a community center with a place for dogs to play.

Visit to see the other 58 dogs and the folks who call Chinatown home.

P.S. We could use a small foot print pet store in the neighborhood as well, maybe the first of a series of neighborhood serving businesses for our community?

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