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"Do Away with the Box"

Rev. Bill Kirlin-Hackett in this 2 minute video quote encourages throwing away the box and to focus on people.

He notes what we all confront in our problem solving endeavors - silo and entrenched behaviors. They are coupled with a lack of partnering; top down, rather than bottom up thinking; and a love we seem to have for ruts.

Bill is Director of the Interfaith Task Force on Homelessness in Seattle, Washington. I am sharing this quote because I think it applies to a whole host of situations and is one reason why I pay so much attention to what we name things. The housing crisis as a renters' crisis is one example of shifting focus.

The neighborhood I live in, Old Town Chinatown, with over 57% of its housing units dedicated to caring for the homeless, is Portland's Caring Community, not, in terms of neighbors, solely an entertainment district, another example of shifting focus.

The complete interview by TalkingStickTV is on, Voices of Sustainability in the Leadership Development special collection here.

Ruth Ann Barrett

Sustainability Advocate

Portland, Oregon

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