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Oregon's Ultra-Rich

Top 1% makes more than bottom 50%

Today The Oregon Center for Public Policy published its research paper entitled, Oregon's Ultra-Rich Continue to Pull Away.

Something to keep in mind when you stack commissions, committees and groups with supposed "stakeholders" and leave out residents, especially renters and even employees who work in the City Center neighborhoods of the Pearl, Downtown, and Old Town Chinatown.

Or use City owned land to build a parking garage for tourists or "market rate" housing rather than develop more affordable housing.

Income inequality is “the defining challenge of our time.”

Mind the gap.

More from the report: "To be among the top 1 percent of earners in Oregon in 2016, a taxpayer had to earn at least $401,160. Their average income was $1,018,000 that year, more than triple its inflation-adjusted average income in 1980 of $333,000. Meanwhile, the income of the typical (median) Oregonian stagnated. The median Oregon income was $35,600 in 2016, just $1,850 higher than in 1980, after adjusting for inflation."

Download the report here. Share it.

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