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The Elephant in Our Room


Oregon tops nation in growth of million-dollar incomes

The number of taxpayers reporting annual income of $1 million or more has risen faster in Oregon than any other state, according to the Oregon Center for Public Policy’s analysis of newly released data from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). (Oregon Center for Public Policy)


Income of Oregon’s Ultra-Rich Sets New Record

Income inequality

Arguably the biggest economic challenge facing our state and nation -- is not going away. In fact, it's getting worse.

Today, the Oregon Center for Public Policy released an updated analysis of income inequality in Oregon, examining data from the Oregon Department of Revenue stretching back to 1980. As our paper shows, the income of Oregon's ultra-rich, the top one-tenth of 1 percent, reached a new high.

Read here "Income of Oregon's Ultra-Rich Sets New Record."

Ruth Ann Barrett, Portland's Caring Community and

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