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"Since 1982 extreme heat has caused more deaths in Wisconsin than all other natural disasters combined."

This multimedia video produced by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board features Elijah Furquan, a spoken word artist in Milwaukee, WI, who describes the effects of extreme heat on his urban community. 


June 2022 Ninety-six persons died in Oregon, sixty in Portland.


Special Edition on Old Town as Heat Island.

This Tree is Important to Me, Testimony to the Urban Forestry Commission, June, 2017

The Shade Brigade and Employee Volunteer Programs, 2017

Health and Trees: A Quick Look (May 2017)

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Street Tree Inventory Report, Pearl District, 2016, Portland, Oregon

Three recommendations for Block 25 - Spongy Parking Lots, Wall of Memory, and Living Wall (2015) 

Crime Report And the New Normal,  2020 compared to 2019, citywide 

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Before COVID-19 nothing about Old Town was, nor is now, normal. It would be hard to find residents who want to go backward in time.  Report includes discussion of the four "not normal" aspects unique to Old Town and four  suggestions for future actions including a refresh of leadership. March 29, 2021

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Crime Snapshot, Three geo clusters, Two periods,
(1) January 2020 to December 2020 and (2) July 2020 to February 2021
Homicides, Assaults, and Counterfeiting/Forgery
April 11, 2021


Title to 


Two Neighborhoods: Old Town Chinatown and the Pearl

One Hundred and One Dogs Presentation, Dog Park for Old Town,  Land Use Committee, July 15, 2019 Visit

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